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A Call to Shoulders

Quilters Quest is honored to partner with A Call to Shoulders in their mission to help veterans develop a skill set that can provide them with income and a creative outlet. Over the last five years, Greg has been working with veterans in Aurora and the surrounding communities to support them as they overcome some of the barriers they face following their military service. Woodworking training is provided at no cost to the participants which increases their chances for success and their ability to determine their own future.

Each Seam Liberator is uniquely hand crafted from high quality materials and includes a magnet in the base to collect pins. 100% of the proceeds from every Seam Liberator goes directly to the creator to provide income and fund the purchase of more equipment.

"Surviving Home" Documentary

Over 20 million U.S. military veterans have put their lives on the line in service to their country. But for many, surviving war is just the beginning. SURVIVING HOME uncovers a detrimental gap between military veterans and the civilian populace they protected, while also exposing a culture of silence that prevents many of them from talking about their experiences in war.