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Christine Neuman

About Me

My mother taught me to sew at a young age, maybe 10 or so. She used to make me clothes (as her mother did for her) – my favorite was a tennis skirt and top outfit made from a fabric with strawberries on it. I began by making doll clothes for my cabbage patch (oh my, I’ve just dated myself) and progressed to making clothes for my brother who is 12 years younger than I. My aunt Jeanne introduced me to quilting and I made my first quilt as a baby gift for a friend after college. I did not own a sewing machine at the time and hand pieced the whole quilt! I have always loved all types of needlework and crafts and continue to enjoy needlepoint, crochet, sewing and, of course, quilting.

I have tried many types of quilts and techniques including paper piecing, applique (machine and hand - my least favorite), embroidery quilts, traditional blocks and more modern designs (my favorite) as well as hand quilting and machine quilting (much preferred). I’m not sure I have a quilting “bucket list” but I definitely have a closet full of UFOs and patterns that I would like to get to one day! My favorite projects that I have finished are Judy Niemeyer “Autumn Splendor” and Shabby Fabrics “Blessings of Summer”. My favorite part of working at QQ is helping other quilters choose fabrics for a new project or seeing how proud they are when they bring in a finish project for quilting – both are equally fun!

Outside of quilting, I love being active. You can often find me running or hiking with my dogs (2 Vizslas that outlast me any day), biking on the trails, playing golf or tennis, cooking Greek food (thanks for the recipes, Grandma Helen) or enjoying time with my kids or watching their sporting events.