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Longarm Information

Longarm Pricing  (effective Jan. 1, 2018)

E2E (edge to edge/all over same pattern) prices will be tiered/categorized

*         E2E Recession Buster will be $0.020 per square inch (approximately $150.00 for a typical Queen size quilt top)

*         E2E Simple will be $0.023 per square inch

*         E2E Medium will be $0.026 per square inch

*         E2E Complex will be $0.029 per square inch

*         $50.00 minimum for E2E

*         Semi-Custom (one border and E2E center) will be $0.035 per square inch

*         Custom (more than one border, sashings, blocks, triangles, applique's, no sew areas with echoing, etc.) a not to exceed price will be given

*         $100 minimum for Custom work

Requests for quilting densely will result in an up charge to be discussed and agreed upon

-To increase the ease of design selection, a designated computer and printer have been put out for public use.

-We have been told we will have to charge for thread and the corresponding sales tax :(  You will be charged $0.000079 per stitch.what that means is a
quilt top with a "simple" pattern that has around 35,000 stitches would be an extra $2.77 plus $0.21 tax for a total of $2.98
-Longarm Bob has Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting on the roll available for $4.97 a square yard (approximately 3" on all sides larger than your quilt top)  Other battings are available in the store and he will use your supplied batting.
-Quilters Quest will pay for half of the return shipping charges for quilts shipped to Longarm Bob for completion