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Longarm Quilting Services

Quilters Quest currently has a longarm setup of 5 longarm quilting machines, a dry cleaner conveyor system which can hold 460 quilts with garment bags to keep your quilts clean and organized, 350 different choices of threads, and close to 30,000 different digital designs available! QQ also has an additional two longarms for customers to rent and practice their own longarm quilting skills!

Quilters Quest is fortunate to have a talented team of longarmers who are able to help you put the finishing touches on your quilts. We offer edge to edge quilting. Longarm Bob no longer does custom quilting.  We can also piece your back, trim it after it has been quilted, attach a sleeve or label, and/or bind it! 

Contact the store for more information.
(630)969-2205 or

Tell us the date when you would like to pick up your finished (unbound) quilt and we will get it done for you. Please, give us a minimum of one week for completion.
If you do not have a specific pick up date in mind, we are targeting (not a promise) a turnaround of 5 weeks out for unbound quilts and 6 weeks for quilts with binding.

Quilt Drop Off Instructions

  • Complete this Longarm information sheet. Printed copies are available at the store's front door.
  • Designs can now be selected before drop off, see below for more information.


Longarm Pricing

(effective Jan. 1, 2022)

  • E2E (edge to edge/all over same pattern) is $0.023 per square inch
    • A queen sized quilt is approximately $150 for the longarming.
    • Requests for quilting densely will result in an up charge to be discussed and agreed upon
    • $50.00 minimum for E2E
  • Longarm Bob no longer does custom quilting.
  • Store pieced back charges:
    • $25 for the initial charge ($40 for Cuddle or Minkee)
    • Plus $15 for each additional seam
  • Store trimming charges depend on the perimeter size of the quilt:
    • $15 for 299" or less
    • $20 for between 300" and 349"
    • $25 for between 350" and 399"
    • $35 for greater than 400"
  • Binding:
    • Machine binding is $0.20 per inch
    • Hand binding is $0.25 per inch
    • Scalloped or minkee border binding will be charged as determined by size and complexity of the quilt starting at $0.35 per inch.
  • Thread charge is $0.000079 per stitch. A quilt top with a "simple" pattern that has around 35,000 stitches would be an extra $2.77 plus $0.21 tax for a total of $2.98 for the thread charge.
  • Longarm Bob has Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting on the roll available for $5.23 a square yard (approximately 3" on all sides larger than your quilt top). Quilters Dream Batting is available for purchase in the store or he will use your supplied batting.

Design Selection

We have uploaded some of our more popular designs so that you can look through them for inspiration before dropping off your quilt. When you fill out your Longarm information sheet, please include the full name of the design you have chosen. If you have something specific in mind and you don't see the design you want here, Longarm Bob can assist with alternate design suggestions. Designs will be communicated through email from Robert Cornella ( and will have a pdf attachment containing the designs. You will receive the design choices within 14 business days after drop off.

Click the category name below to see the designs: