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The B 215 Simply Red is a user-friendly sewing machine boasting robust technology, exclusive BERNINA features and a young design.
Its features and advantages include:

Perfect BERNINA stitch quality
The CB hook system ensures perfect stitch quality and thread ten- sion, and is easy to clean. With the 11 most important stitch types and a manual multistep buttonhole, the B 215 Simply Red meets all your basic requirements.

Fast and powerful sewing

The powerful motor (900 stitches per minute) boasts high needle penetration power, so you can also sew thick and multi-layered fabrics.

5 presser feet included

The B 215 Simply Red is well equiped with sewing tools, including 5 presser foot soles, and grows to keep pace with your skills. You can individually upgrade the basic model with a wide range of special accessories, thereby expanding your sewing options.

Easy threading

The B 215 Simply Red has a reliable built-in threader which makes threading the needle child‘s play.

Easy to use

The clear display provides a constant overview of the most impor- tant information such as presser foot, stitch width and stitch length.

BERNINA quality and tradition

BERNINA is a fourth generation family-owned business that has been manufacturing sewing machines in Steckborn, Switzerland, for over 120 years. Since its inception in 1893, the BERNINA brand has been known for revolutionary ideas and a tireless spirit of innovation. Today, BERNINA is the only company manu- facturing domestic sewing machines in the western world.